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My students don’t read.

I was reading a blog post by Asli Saglam on her blog which also had a presentation full of ideas on how to encourage reading in EFL/ESL students . I have taken the title from her post.

Interest in reading has declined all over the world. The reasons for this are ample. In my opinion, applying or trying to apply too many strategies to encourage reading in EFL/ESL students may create chaos in both teaching and learning how to read. The very simplemethod of leading in the students to the topic of the text, engaging their interest, doing some word-mapping for vocabulary and creating some questions works really well. I am saying this from having taught EFL to university students. I have seen this working in the class and students like to fetch some more information on the topic outside of the class to quell their curiosity. The important thing here is to have an interesting topic and a more interesting lead-in to the topic.


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2 thoughts on “My students don’t read.

  1. Asli Saglam on said:

    I totally agree that the key to reading motivation is fostering reader curiosity and engagement. And motivating teaching methods have great potential. Happy reading :))

  2. Hi Asli,
    Thank you for commenting. 🙂 Happy reading to, you, too. 🙂

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