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Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL)

I am a regular visitor to Kalinago. I found her research on MALL. I wanted to comment there but have been unable to because of some HTML tags which have flustered me. So, I decided to write my comment here. 

Hey Karenne. This is a very informative post. Though I have a fun take on this, yet I don’t think that MALL is ever going to be used for learning a language seriously or going to be an effective tool. I have been thinking of the application of such applications for sometime now. MALL – the acronym becomes a noun , or two different nouns. 🙂 The first Mall is the shopping mall and the second Mall is a kind of a promenade. Both are places for leisurely activity.MALL is going to be used more for leisurely activities while travelling or waiting .
People have begun to have really short attention spans. To learn a language it is important to have a certain discipline which will give learning an impetus. The classroom offers that discipline and impetus and it also offers a little sense
of competition in that space which can be productive in learning. So, am not sure if MALL is going to be really effective.
I do look forward to your views.
Manoranjan Dhaliwal


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