Masala ELT and Chai

Spicy ELT and some chai

Holiday in the garb of an ELT conference? Sometimes. Just sometimes.

It’s time we did some introspection and sifted the good from the bad.

I have taught EFL in a university in Turkey for 4 years. The thing is that the heads themselves are found lacking in interest in sending their teachers to these mostly educative conferences. They don’t have funds kept aside for ELT. ELT is not given a fair treatment in terms of development of teachers or even the development of students. Let’s keep the rich private schools out of this.

Having said that, many conferences are just a promotion of publishers’ own interests. Books have to be sold after all. Also, the kind of teaching ideas floated around by the specialists are mostly not viable for the smaller colleges or state universities because of lack of funds. Other issues why these ideas are not viable are the number of students in each class, low interest levels and lack of or absence of equipment to carry on what is discussed in these conferences. Not all, and I say this again, not all but many of these conferences are a ticket to a holiday in exotic places. 


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