Masala ELT and Chai

Spicy ELT and some chai

Are we over-egging the pudding called ELT?

The use of technology has become a part and parcel of ELT. Almost.  Teachers are blogging incessantly about the virtues of it. It is quite engaging . The kind of tools and applications available to teach ELT  is staggering. There are courses dedicated to teaching teachers the use of technology in ELT.  On the other hand there are so many classrooms where technology is not used due to a number of reasons –  finances, qualified teachers who can use technology, ignorance, and cost-cutting are some of them that come to my mind.

In my opinion, the intense use of technology in the classroom is overrated. People are gushing about it and are making a song and dance about it. Too much implementation of technology is time consuming and ineffective. I think there is no harm in putting it to use in moderation . Over-egging the pudding will spoil the taste.

This is a new blog and I am not expecting any sort of discussion so early on this topic. But if you have the time, please give your opinion.


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